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We are a reliable Business Investment Company; LFH is your top choice for all your financial requirements for your small company. Let's build your company and make it bigger and better!

Having a small business is excellent, but if you dream of turning it into a franchise or memorable brand, you’re at the right place! At LFH, we provide financial support and guidance to small businesses like yours. Moreover, we set your company on the route to success.

LFH will provide the required investments, funding and professional advice to transform your company entirely!

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Business Investment Advisor, Investing in Tomorrow with Expert Guidance.

At LFH, you'll find your company's top business investment advisor. The right direction may make all the difference in today's busy work environment. When it comes to that, we can help. We are dedicated to working with you to make wise financial choices and smart investments to help you build a bright future for your business. A client's financial goals and risk tolerance are very important for us, our highly knowledgeable advisers, to make sure the investment portfolio fits these criteria.

Our job is more than simply calculating figures; it's also about comprehending your business's goals. We work closely with you to understand what you want from your company and create a customized investment plan that aligns with your goals. With our advice, you can deal with the complicated business world with assurance, knowing that our deep knowledge and market intelligence support each choice. We'll provide a solid financial foundation and move your company toward long-term success.

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Seed Funding for Startups: Helping you succeed!

Seed funding for startups plays an important role for companies. At LFH, we understand that launching a startup is an exciting journey but comes with various challenges. Moreover, turning your vision into reality requires financial support. But dont worry! We are here to help you with just that!

We will give you the initial support for a successful startup in the ever-evolving entrepreneurship landscape.

We will help you with establishing your market presence through our expert services. With our seed funding, you can be at peace knowing you are partnering with an investor committed to building your brand. Make a difference in business with your company with our guidance and financial support. In order for you to successfully pass the initial phases of your development and survive in the tough startup environment, we want to provide you with the resources and guidance you need. Let's work together to make your company's success story a reality!

At LFH, we have skilled experts who know how to make a business grow and establish. Whether it’s finance, advice or needed capital, our experts will team up with you to make your business develop into a brand. We have helped countless small companies, and they are thriving better than ever! Whether you need funds to boost your operations, invest in new technology, or strengthen your financial foundation, LFH has covered you.

JD Lamb

Chief Executive Offer /Founder

Becky Piper

Director of Operations

Ashley Borchardt

Financial Manager

Sean Verjinsky

Brand Manager

Kayla Pflugradt

Project Manager

Suppose you have an excellent idea for your startup, but dont know where to start. For an inexperienced individual, starting a company can take a lot of work. At LFH, it’s our responsibility to help such businesses succeed and grow. We provide them with money and our whole skills to make it happen. We actively collaborate to help their businesses succeed, working as their partners on the road to success. Our primary goal is to support these businesses as they expand and succeed. That is the main focus of LFH!

At LFH, we specialize in helping startup companies expand and flourish into well-known, thriving businesses. We offer more than just financial support; we also give you the support and guidance you need to grow your small business to amazing heights.

Imagine it as a redesign of your company. We examine everything, including your financial management and customer satisfaction strategies. And we improve everything! Therefore, 360 Small Business Transformation is the way to go if you own a small business and want it to be the best it can be. It’s like giving your company a jolt of superpowers!

You know how sometimes you like your pizza with extra cheese, but your friend likes it with lots of veggies? It’s like that but for businesses. At LFH, we understand that every business requirement is different. That means what works for one business might not work for another. So, we create unique financial plans just for your business!

For any small startup company, a solid financial foundation is necessary. Because if you dont have a strong financial backup, it can lead to significant losses. The first step is to review your company’s financial status, where it could be improved, and its potential to grow. After we have reviewed everything, we make a customized financial plan for you. We invest the needed amount and give your company a direction for ultimate success. With LFH’s guidance, your business can have a solid financial base, like a strong fortress protecting it from financial storms. So, let’s work together to construct that foundation and watch your business reach new heights!

Partner with us and write your success story now! Please work with us to make your small company reach new levels of success with never-ending growth! Please share your ideas with us. Let us know all your requirements now, and our team will help you develop a plan according to your needs.


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